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Rigetti Quantum Cloud Services

Quantum Cloud Services (QCS) is Rigettiā€™s quantum cloud computing platform. If you don't have a QCS account, you can request one directly from Rigetti.

QPU accessibility

As of writing, Rigetti devices are available only through QCS. That is, you have to run OpenQAOA within a notebook hosted on QCS. You can sign in from the official QCS website

Installation and Getting Started

QCS gives access to - All Rigetti's QPU - The quantum virtual machine (QVM), a quantum computer simulator

Further information can be found in Rigetti's official documentation

Explicitly create the QVM backend

In order to instantiate to connect to Rigetti QCS, you need to be using Rigetti's JupyterLab IDE. That is, you need to be physically running your code within QCS. As of writing, there is no option for remote access

from openqaoa import QAOA, create_device

q_pyquil = QAOA()

rigetti_device = create_device(location='qcs', name='Aspen-M-3')